If you’re in search of expert custom eLearning development services to create engaging and innovative training programs, look no further. With our vast experience in the field, we at TrainSMART are prepared to guide your mid to large-scale eLearning development process, catering specifically to your business needs and the training requirements of your employees.

When it comes to employee training, whether for new software rollouts, new products, a sales process, safety protocols, or compliance concerns, a bespoke eLearning solution often emerges as the most effective approach. With our custom eLearning content, you maintain full control over the content, ensuring a consistent representation of your brand image both visually and in the tone of the training materials.

We understand that a stronger emotional connection can be formed when learners know the material has been designed to support their specific job roles. That’s why we, as your designers and eLearning specialists, are committed to delivering tailored content that resonates with your employees.

TrainSmart offers a broad spectrum of eLearning design and development services that align with both your needs and your budget. Picking the right custom eLearning solution can be as intricate as buying a car. While the objective might be straightforward, like getting from Point A to Point B, there can be other factors that are equally important.

No matter which eLearning model you opt for, there is one constant factor in all our training programs – the instructional design. This forms the engine of our eLearning development process. While elements like animation, video, or interactive activities may vary, we assure you that there’s no compromise on the engine that propels the training, which is always built for high-performance outcomes.

Our eLearning Development Strategy

Our eLearning Development Strategy

At TrainSMART, our eLearning development process is rooted in the principles of instructional design. We create custom eLearning courses that are authentic, learner-centric, outcomes-focused, and custom-made to cater to our clients:

  • Authentic training: Our courses are designed to replicate the environment that learners will encounter, preparing them effectively for real-life situations. We ensure that the concepts and knowledge imparted align with the performance and genuine application of the material.
  • Learner-centric: We believe in fostering continuous learning. Our courses, divided into topic-specific modules, include printable documents, links to additional resources, videos, and animations for future reference, thereby focusing on the learners’ needs.
  • Outcomes-based: Our training programs concentrate on achieving desired outcomes rather than simply dispensing knowledge. We aim to curate authentic activities that support the learners’ required outcomes.
  • Custom: We design courses tailored to your learners, their needs, and the intended outcomes.

We are committed to delivering the right solution at the right level of understanding, irrespective of a learner’s experience level. Our course design allows learners to progress at their own pace and after successful completion, to apply their newfound skills and knowledge in their jobs or specific situations immediately.

In addition to crafting new images or utilizing stock ones, our design team can seamlessly incorporate any existing artwork provided by you. Taking into account the diverse educational backgrounds, cultures, concepts, and environments of the audience at every stage, we work collaboratively with you throughout the eLearning development process to produce a thoroughly tested, needs-based solution that can be easily updated should content changes occur.

What Our eLearning Clients Are Saying…

TrainSmart developed multiple eLearning courses to train hundreds of my organization’s external stakeholders. As a quintessential example of customer service, TrainSmart resourced project teams with the highest caliber of professionals who were adept at balancing the technical and human aspects of initiatives. In addition to delivering polished, interactive, learner-centric modules, the project teams were true collaborators in exploring solutions to address a variety of challenges. Every project was completed ahead of schedule and under budget, and my organization and training participants were delighted with the results.

I would highly recommend TrainSmart to any organization looking to take their training to the next level of “Wow!”

test-image-AndreaKozak“The Trainsmart team has managed the development of multiple, targeted eLearning solutions of the highest caliber for our internal programs. Their customer service and attention to detail have made them a “go-to” partner for us. Not only have they overseen new program development projects but they have taken on challenging “course correction” projects and have always delivered a quality product.”

Because our methodology is so robust,

we have designed training for a wide range of industries. We’ve had successes in… (click icons to learn more)


A Few eLearning Projects We’ve Worked On

Competitive Intelligence for Public Safety Company – (ILT and then created eLearning) for the purpose of training more learners, rather than the SMEs traveling around the globe conducting ILT.)

Public Safety Company  – Design It Yourself (A 12 module series on ways to design your own training, including job aids, videos, and samples)

Public Safety Company – Customer Service Mindset – a series to all employees on how to put themselves into the minds of their customers (eLearning, ILT and coaching)

Public Safety Company  – Business Acumen – for global managers which includes an eLearning with video and associated ILT and job aids

Public Safety Company – A Path to onboarding for IT (A series of eLearning Modules and job aids)  Success story is that once the launch of these modules the help desk calls reduced dramatically.  There may be a success story on this already.

The University of New England – various eLearning modules for the sciences

Public Safety Company  – Government Affairs

Public Safety Company – Entrepreneurial Spirit (ILT, eLearning and case studies)

Public Safety Company – Tech Sales Project 120 eLearning modules, case studies, podcasts, webinars, job aids, etc.

Baxter – eArchive – eLearning for how to use Documentum and archive documents to meet FDA specifications and regulations

Freeman – Custom CRM (eLearning, ILT, job aids to support the roll-out of three CRM systems into one new one)

PSAV – CRM implementation and learning How-To for their technician’s various roles and use of various equipment

Have an eLearning project you need assistance with?

We’re often asked how much an eLearning project costs, and that’s a great question!

It depends on the amount of content you have as well as what level of design is desired for your finished modules.

We typically charge between $5,000 – $50,000 depending upon these variables in an engagement (or more!).

If we could be of assistance with any questions or concerns feel free to contact us today at 800-807-8030 or fill out the form below.

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